The Big List Of Creative Hobbies For Kids

This list of hobbies is for kids who love to get creative whether it’s through art, music, or any other means. 

Most of the activities in this list are hobbies that children can explore by themselves. Some of these will involve some adult supervision or parental involvement (like polymer clay or Perler beads). You can do many of these creative hobbies as a family as well!

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Different Art Mediums

If your kids want to create art as their creative hobby, there are various ways to do so. There’s no limit to what you can use to create art as some artists have even used things like Lego bricks or food to express their creative side.

Here’s a list of some art mediums that are great for young artists: 


Pencil is what most artists will start with, but some never leave this medium.

Check out our beginner’s guide to pencils, erasers, and paper to learn more about the right supplies you may need. Have some older children that want to start? This post on the beginner’s guide to drawing might help! 

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils can be used to create some pretty amazing pieces of artwork. Check out our beginner’s guide to colored pencils here to learn more about this art medium. 

Acrylic Paints

One of the most common art mediums for painting is acrylic paint. It is a water-based paint and is available at craft stores for a very affordable price.

It’s a very easy medium for young beginners to paint with! You can start off with this set of small acrylic paint bottles with 12 basic colors. 


Watercolor is an art medium where the addition of water helps activate the pigment for painting.

You can buy a small, portable set of watercolors to take with you to create art virtually anywhere.

Watercolor is a popular medium utilized by urban sketchers to add color to their work. This watercolor set for kids is a great kit to get started! 


Another medium commonly used by children, chalk can be used to create amazing pieces of work on sidewalks, chalkboards, and wall murals.

Let your kids draw on your driveway or buy small chalkboards if you’re limited!

Try taking your kids to a local chalk art festival for inspiration. If you’ve ever been to the Pasadena Chalk Festival, you can see over 600 chalk artists in action on the streets (more so sidewalks) of Pasadena, California. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Chalk Art to get started!

Lego Art

Some kids already love playing with Lego bricks by building according to the box set or whatever their imagination can conjure, but did you know that Lego can be used as an art medium?

Nathan Sawaya is an attorney turned Lego artist who proves that these colorful bricks are more than just toys.

Show kids how to use it as a creative art medium to make three-dimensional sculptures or two-dimensional flat artwork.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a type of modeling clay with a polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It doesn’t actually have clay minerals in it, but it’s just as pliable and easy to work with (if not, more so!).

Once you mold it into your desired shape, you can pop it in the oven to cure it. Polymer clay is a great activity to enjoy with the kids as long as adults can take care of the curing process.

It’s just as fun as Play-Doh but way better in my opinion, since you get to solidify your object into something you can keep! Check out our beginner’s guide to polymer clay for more information.

Comic Books

Comic books are extremely popular among kids. Illustrated stories told in this format often feels more engaging to the reader.

If your kid loves comics, try having them make their own! Get a blank comic book to help them get started.

These books provide empty comic panels for them to draw pictures and create their own stories.

If they need help getting started, have them read this comic book that teaches you how to make comics!

You can also check out our post on How to Make a Comic Book for Beginners!


Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Many kids have made paper airplanes, but did they know that they were already doing origami?

The best thing about this hobby is that you can find projects that are simple enough for young kids or ones that require a little bit more detailed folding for older children.

Another similar hobby that kids might enjoy is Karakuri (or automata) which is the Japanese art of making mechanical paper models that move.

Collage Art

Collage art allows for an incredible range of creativity as it can utilize a variety of materials and mediums.

You’ll most likely have everything you already need at home for your kids to start! Collage art is pretty much the least intimidating art medium ever.

It’s great for beginning artists as it requires no technical skills whatsoever. You don’t even need to buy a canvas to get started, just cut up old cardboard boxes into small squares.

Paint one side of it with a solid color to give it a new look before the kids start collating! Read our beginners guide to Collage Art if you want to know more about this hobby.

Urban Sketching

Urban sketching is a creative form of art that is perfect for artists of ANY skill level.

This hobby is an excellent activity for the entire family. Each family member should have a drawing utensil (pencil, pen, colored pencils, crayons, etc.) and a sketchbook.

Select a public place where you can sit and start drawing the world around you.

Some location ideas to take the kids include the zoo, park, or botanical gardens. Locations do not need to be restricted to the outdoors, you can also take your kids to the mall or a library to draw! 

String Art

Get a string art kit to help your child get started with this creative hobby! It involves using colorful string or yarn wrapped around pins or nails on a board to create a design.

If your kid wants to go beyond kits, have them draw out their designs on a board. An adult can help hammer in some nails to follow their artwork.

Kids can then take that board and add string however they see fit. Alternatively, string art can be done using push pins or toothpicks on a cork board if you’d like to avoid the presence of nails.


Zentangle is a relaxing way to doodle. It’s a bit more structured than standard doodling as there’s a fixed format and patterns to use.

There are many benefits to zentangling that may be helpful for your kids. Some say that Zentangle can improve hand-eye coordination, relieve stress, and teach kids to be more mindful. Check out this book to introduce kids to the art of Zentangle.

Paper Mache

Paper mache can be an enjoyable, creative hobby for kids to explore. It’s a very hands-on activity that requires them to get messy.

It also allows you to put old newspapers to good use rather than throwing them out. Start with simple paper mache projects first so kids can get used to working with this medium.

Perler Beads

Perler beads are small, plastic beads that can be fused together with heat. You can make keychains, necklaces, patches, and many other cute things!

Kids can create a small image or design on a pegboard using different colored Perler beads. 

Adults can then help by applying heat with an iron to melt the beads together. It’s very simple to make and a fun activity to do with the family!

Soap Carving

Soap carving is an easy way to introduce kids to sculpture art while minimizing the risk of injury.

No sharp tools are necessary as this activity can be done with a plastic butter knife! Of course, kids participating in this hobby should at least be old enough to be trusted with a plastic knife.

This craft does not require many supplies at all–just a bar of soap and a small knife. Kids can carve small designs or objects out of the bar of soap and gift them out as gifts for their family members.

Who knows, maybe your kids will end up making intricate soap art like the one pictured here!

Fashion Design

Does your kid already seem obsessed with fashion at a young age? Maybe they’re destined to be the next Coco Chanel!

Cultivate that creativity by encouraging them to create their own fashion designs by drawing them in a sketchbook. You can then help them make those ideas come to life.

Visit your local craft store to pick out some fabric together and teach your kid how to sew (if they are old enough). Start off with this fashion design workbook for kids!

Tie Dye

Tie-dying clothes may seem totally 60s to you, but it will seem incredibly fun to a kid who has never done it before.

Explore this activity by adding colorful life back to old clothes that your kids were ready to throw out. Just grab a tie-dye kit like this one to get started!

Flower Pressing

If your kids love flowers, see if they like the idea of preserving them! Have your kids pick their favorite flowers for this activity.

Make sure to ask for permission for any flowers that aren’t yours! Use a book or wooden flower press to flatten the flowers.

Once they are dried out, let the kids use these flowers for any of their favorite arts & craft activity.

Fairy Gardens

Building fairy gardens is a creative hobby that has been growing in popularity. It involves the use of small ornaments, rocks, and plants to create a miniature garden small enough for a fairy to live in it.

You can begin by using empty glass terrariums or planter pots as the base of the garden.

Use this miniature ornament set of 1000 pieces with these succulent planter items (rocks, dirt, and sheet moss) to help your kid get started.


Dancing is a great hobby for kids to explore as it combines physical activity with creativity!

There are tons of different styles for kids to explore. Popular dance genres for kids include ballet, tap dancing, hip hop, modern, and jazz.

Try enrolling your kids in a few different dance classes to see which style they enjoy the best!

If your kids already know what type of dancing they would enjoy learning, find the right studio to join a class.

It will be incredibly rewarding to you and your kids when they finally rehearsed enough for their first big recital.

Musical Instruments

Is your kid excited by music but not much of a dancer? Maybe they would enjoy learning a musical instrument instead!

These days, there are tons of classes available for kids to learn how to play musical instruments outside of their school band.

Popular instruments for kids include piano, drums, woodwind instruments (e.g., flute), or string instruments (e.g., violin, guitar, etc.).

Just remember that your kid would need to be able to practice at home so you may need to invest in renting or purchasing that instrument.


Another creative hobby involving music is singing. Kids can enroll in singing lessons to be able to develop strong vocal control and instill good vocal health habits.

Kids who love singing might also enjoy writing and performing songs as well.

This hobby would also pair well with musical instrument playing skills. Before you know it, your kid can be the star of the family’s next holiday party!


Does your child seem to enjoy acting? If there are no school plays for your kid to join in on, try some local acting clubs or theaters! Kids can also take acting classes to work on their skills.


The number of writing genres that a kid can explore is endless. All they need is a creative mind and a journal to get started!

If your kid needs help with coming up with writing ideas, get them this book filled with 642 writing prompts that are guaranteed to get their creative juices flowing and their pencils moving.

Here are some genres that young writers might be interested in exploring:

  • Fiction
    • Fan Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Science Fiction
    • Dystopia
    • Mystery
  • Play
  • Musical
  • Poetry
  • Children’s Book
  • Comics/Graphic Novel
  • Humor


There is no shortage of creative hobbies that kids can explore.

If the hobbies above don’t interest your kids, check out our complete list of creative hobbies to see if there’s something there that you might want to explore as an entire family instead! 

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