The Starting Guide To Spray Painting for Beginners

Do you want to create a masterpiece not sure where to begin? Find yourself asking the question, “How to spray paint art?”

You may have heard of Spray Paint Art and want to give the kids an activity to do using this type of art technique. But, you have no idea of what you would need.

Look no further. This post will teach you all you need to know about the different spray paint art techniques. We’ll also give you the tips and tricks to create an absolute masterpiece.

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    What is Spray Paint Art?

    Art is a skill of imagination that has been evolving for centuries. As a matter of fact, you can use anything to create an incredible masterpiece.

    When it comes to painting, creativity is endless. That creativity spans from hand painting to abstract art. The modernization that many artists have created is jaw-dropping.

    What is Spray Paint Art

    How did this type of painting start?

    This art form came about pretty late in history. In 1949 a man named Ed Seymour pioneered this form of painting. He developed the aerosol cans we use for painting today. 

    Although much alike, spray painters and graffiti artists are not the same. Graffiti artists tend to do their painting only with spray cans. You see it on trains, walls, as well as buildings. Graffiti artists can paint on almost anything.

    Another key point is that graffiti dates back to ancient times. In the early seventies, they caused many problems as people considered it vandalism. Back then, graffiti was illegal. 

    Spray paint vs Graffiti

    Spray paint art, unlike graffiti, isn’t so much done on walls or trains. You’re more likely to find it on mediums like paper, poster boards, and canvases. Additionally, it is something that you can frame and hang on the wall.

    So why is this form of painting so popular and easy to do? Masterclass staff says spray paint art allows you to cover surfaces quickly. It’s more even than traditional paint. It’s also a great way to touch up or apply a new coat of paint for many DIY projects.

    It is popular because of how quick and un-messy it is to deal with. At least, there is no washing of brushes or mixing of colors. This means that you wouldn’t have much to clean up after, especially if you want to give a painting activity to kids. Yet, few people think of using spray paint for their projects.

    Spray painting is a versatile medium. Yet, it is not suitable for large-scale projects such as an entire wall in one color due to the expense. To clarify, you should use oil paint or search for more traditional methods for bigger projects. 

    What do I Need for Spray Paint Art?

    To create a Spray Paint Art masterpiece, you’ll need 2 necessities. Material to paint on and a medium to paint with.

    Here are some paint surface options and other equipment. Read on for more details:


    This is the most common among things used for this type of art. Although it’s made from paper, it’s thicker than construction paper.

    Poster boards are also glossy on one side. If it’s not glossy on one side, the paint won’t react as it should.

    The color will seep into the paper if it has no gloss. Another important point to note is that you can’t manipulate construction paper to create Spray Paint Art.

    Spray Painting Canvas

    An alternative to poster boards is a canvas. Good canvas is actually canvas material stapled to a wood frame.

    Good canvas is thick and has almost a drum sound when hit. There is something called gesso which they put on it to seal it so you can paint on it.

    This canvas is super hard framed and stapled well. A good canvas is better because it lasts longer and soaks in the paint way better.

    But, you need to use a lot more paint to manipulate it into a glossy texture to work on.

    Spray Paint

    This is a necessary tool when doing spray paint art. By the same token, getting the right brand can make a massive difference to the outcome of your artwork.

    Not sure which brand to get? Don’t worry. We’ve got a few picks below that will make your artwork shine.

    Paint Thinners 

    The paint will splatter and end up where you don’t want it unless you are an uptight perfectionist.

    Having paint thinners on hand and a scrubbing brush or rag will eliminate unwanted stains.

    Remember that alcohol-based thinners can be harsh if you need to clean your hands. Instead, try modest quantities of acetone or baby oil.


    You may need protective gear, and a respirator is a good investment. The painting process can be extended. Also, when you use spray paint, it can damage your respiratory system as it is one of many toxic chemicals.

    Putty Knife

    This is a typical hardware tool used in construction. Yet, you can use it to create art, especially when making 3D buildings.

    Circular Objects

    You will need different sizes of circular objects. They’re for painting some of the artwork described in this article.

    Best Spray Paints to use for Spray Paint and Graffiti

    Graffiti is, in essence, painting. For example, it’s drawn on buildings, trains, walls, and other structures. Most of it is in the public’s view. It’s often used on street signs, and fences, to say nothing of buildings and billboards.

    Using water-based spray paint is healthier for the environment and your health. Further, graffiti is something that many people find interest in as it is an outlet for some.

    According to, “Instead of using a paintbrush, spray paint artists use aerosol cans to apply coats of spray paint to an intended surface.”

    What are the best Spray Paints to use for graffiti?

    If you are a budding graffiti artist, you may be already familiar with the tools. Aerosol cans, gloss, brushes, and masks fill your world.

    These are some tools great for drawing beautiful sketches on walls across the cities. Furthermore, graffiti is an art form without boundaries.

    Graffiti has become a big deal in many art deco cafes and hubs. Moreover, people appreciate his type of art worldwide. Yet, it can get you into trouble if not authorized.

    For graffiti artists to create that effect, they will need to use the best spray paint.

    Still, choosing spray paint for graffiti is an art form in itself. You can get it in black and white together with pastel colors … you name it. Here are the details on some of the best-branded paints that you can use for graffiti.

    Montana Black 400ML Popular

    The 12 spray paint cans from Montana Black offer great coverage that outshines the other brands.

    What’s more, this brand is a high-pressure paint designed for graffiti art. These high-pressure paints are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They also provide a fast-drying finish. Winter-proof and durability are a few of its excellent qualities.

    This product offers superior quality graffiti spray paints. It gives you exceptional coverage and a fast-drying finish.

    MTN Hardcore 2 400ML Spray Paint

    This mural art spray paint comes in a twelve-set package and has a unique, high-quality design for graffiti. The nozzles and caps let you adjust the flow to suit your needs. It gives you coverage of up to 32 square feet. The paint works on glass, metal, wood, concrete, and more surfaces.

    Wagner SprayTech 05290101 Flexio Sprayer

    This brand’s product offers 12 colors in one set and is excellent for painting murals. These paints come with a synthetic matte finish and provide great versatility.

    Use spray paint as a superior finish for furniture as it dries fast. This product is ideal for outdoor furniture, as it serves as both a primer and paint, making your job much easier.

    You may need to sand the furniture first to even out the texture and remove old paint.

    They offer artists a lot of flexibility. You can get this spray paint brand in both high-pressure and low-pressure varieties.

    Montana Gold Premium Spray Paint

    Montana Gold Premium spray paint is a low-pressure nitro acrylic spray paint.

    Montana Gold is the brand you’d find in all the local art supply stores. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, here are some excellent qualities.

    This brand comes in a set of 12 Montana Gold 400ml with a wide color range, and you can use it in any artistic project. Their color gradients are phenomenal.

    They are low-pressure paints for intricate work, and this brand allows for precise control. You can use them for painting on glass, metal, wood, concrete, and canvas.

    The bottle has a spray cap that you can use with ease. Montana Gold Premium is fast drying and has excellent coverage. You will have a lovely time painting with this brand of graffiti spray paints.

    You can find almost any available color you need for painting the artwork of your dreams.

    It is no wonder that Montana Gold one of the most popular brands. An extensive color array, lots of distribution, and, let’s not forget, quality product. This is Montana Gold Premium.

    #5 Evolve elite MTN Spray Paint

    This brand has low pressure and a flat finish with extreme coverage. It is good in any weather conditions.

    This brand tends to last for a long time without fading. Unlike other brands, this acrylic paint is non-drip and comes in various bright colors.

    Beginner instructions on how to Spray paint

    According to Bob Vila, “If you’ve never used a paint sprayer before, the first time may not be as easy as it looks. Achieving an even coat with a paint sprayer takes a lot of trial and error.”

    The Starting Guide To Spray Painting for Beginners

    #1 You Need Spray Paint

    You only need 4 items for this beginner’s instruction on spray paint. First, you need an excellent branded spray paint (for instance) the Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch.

    In addition, Rust-Oleum provides double the coverage that competitors offer. Thus, it is the perfect choice for use on any surface, whether indoors or outdoors. Its oil-based low odor formula is highly durable with lasting protection. 

    Whatever good brand of spray paint you choose to get, you would need it in gloss black and gloss white.

    #2 Making Texture

    You also need a plastic bag to make the texture, a lid, or a round object with a thin edge.

    A sheet of poster board and a table to paint on are no less important. Art Skills is a good brand, but you can use any type once it has a glossy side. You can also use a stiff canvas for this project.

    How To Make a Spray Paint Planet and Mountain?

    You will paint a planet with a night sky and a mountain in the front. This is an easy beginner spray paint art piece that you can do. It isn’t too crazy or complicated, and it’s not done in detail. And it’s much quicker than using oil paints. It also has fewer harsh chemicals.

    Image from Bruce Cormier

    Step 1: To begin, spray a light outline of all your design elements. Take the round object and place it somewhere on the canvas or board.

    Step 2: After setting it on paper, spray the Rust-Oleum black. Or, use whatever branded gloss black spray paint you have. A light mist of black paint around the object would do to mark where the planet would go.

    Step 3: Next, lightly burst the glossy black paint in the circle and use a bit of gloss white to top it.

    Step 4: Using the plastic bag, crumple it up a bit and lay it down over the top of the area spray painted.

    Step 5: Tap the plastic bag. Be sure not to rub it in or put too much pressure. After tapping it around, pull off the plastic bag, and you can repeat for more of this texture effect.

    Step 6: Shave one side of the soon-to-be planet for the next step using glossy white spray paint in a half-moon shape at the edge. This will smooth some of the outside edges of this planet.

    Step 7: Makes sure to do a light, quick spray to avoid thick coverage. In other words, don’t spray it too densely, or it will cause the paint to pool, which you do not want. Not to mention, spraying more will take more time to dry. So, after this step, leave the canvas for about 30 to 40 seconds to dry.

    Step 8: After leaving to dry, place the lid on the spray-painted area. Ensure you cover some shaded bits from the glossy white spray paint.

    Step 9: Next, using the glossy black spray paint, create your night sky.

    You can do this with a light and gentle misting of the rest of the surface. Keep in mind that the lid should still be covering the planet.

    Step 10: After blacking out the entire poster, it’s time to make stars. You can use your fingers or a glove. Spray the glossy white on your finger or glove tips. Then flick your fingers unto the poster. It should give you your stars. At last, you can remove the lid to reveal the planet. It should look pretty nice.

    Another simple technique is applying a piece of tape to the lid at the top. Fold the tape twice in the middle and stick both ends to the cover. It makes it easier to move the cap, which would be quite helpful in avoiding touching the surface.

    Step 11: Finally, we’re going to make a mountain. You can do this by spraying some fresh black onto the poster. Not too much, though, as it might cause a pool of paint which can ruin the board.

    Step 12: Then use the white spray paint and streak across the whole page quickly to give the background a misty effect. Using the plastic bag, lay it down onto the surface and shape the bag into the form of a mountain.

    Step 13: Place the shaped plastic bag on the poster over the white spray-painted area. Using your fingertips, run your fingers over the bag. Repeat if necessary for a greater effect.

    Step 14: Repeat this process again to overlap the first one. Using white spray paint, take the shaped plastic bag and press down over it.

    Repeating this step several more times can give you some interesting textures. You can keep going until you find the depth of consistency you like.

    Then there you have it. That is how you get a work of art using spray paint, old magazines, and plastic bags. This step-by-step process will surely give you a quick piece of art if followed.

    The different Spray Paint Art techniques

    There are different techniques that you can use for spray paint art. The various methods can give you different textures and styles. Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with spray paint art.

    #1 Create textures

    Creating unique textures with spray paint is fun, and there are many ways to do it.

    Use white branded spray paint and a little black over the top to create a black and white texture. Make sure to spray in a circular form. Keep the spray nice and light.

     • Plastic bag

    You can use a plastic bag to texturize this as it gives you a beautiful effect. You can also use a newspaper or magazine sheet if you prefer. 

    After spraying a bit of white paint over the black:

    1. Use the plastic bag and place it over the area.
    2. Fan your fingers over the plastic bag to ensure it adheres to the right place.
    3. Peel back the plastic bag. Do this step twice if you want to brighten it up. 

    This technique will give you a fantastic texture, especially if you’re going to create planets.

    • Magazine paper 

    Knowing how to prepare your old magazines can make quite a difference. 

     If the magazine has no creases, it will not give the board much texture. Thus, you should ensure that you crumple up your old magazine before use. Place the paper over the spray paint area and press down with your hands. Remove it from the site, and you will get a nice texture.

    Here’s another way to get a different texture from the crumpled magazine. Pass your fingers across it when it is down on the spray paint area. When removed, you should have a nice horizontal-looking texture.

    Put some more crumple lines on the newspaper or magazine. It can give you different texture patterns.

    Those are a few ways of making texture using old magazines and folding it differently. You can achieve other patterns or textures by folding the paper in many different ways. It’s trial and error. That’s the best way to see what works best for you.

    #2 Planets

    Taking the textures mentioned above, add some highlights. You can do this by spraying paint on one side of the plastic bag that already has a texture. You can use this highlight to create a lovely moon.

    Spray painting planets Image From Peter A Photography

    Use a folded magazine and turn it around on the spray-painted area to give a nice effect for planets. You can also use a circular object such as a tin can, so they get their round shape. 

    Most artists use some kind of sci-fi stuff, so planets are essential in your arsenal.

    #3 Galaxies and Nebulas

    You would need to have some awesome-looking backgrounds for those planets. So you should use bright colored spray paint. Half the fun of this is playing around with colors yourself. You can mix different colors to see the outcome. Feel free to try out and bury the colors to see the results.

    When making a galaxy, there are some standard colors. Blue, pink, and purple are a few of the staple galaxy colors. It depends on the effect you want to create in the detail of your space scene.

    Spray these colors in sections all over the surface, then you can kiss the edges with glossy black spray paint.

    This should give the illusion of outer space. Brighten this up with a little bit of glossy white over the surface. Not enough to drown the colors. You can then add some more blue overtop with a bit more black.

    Using the plastic bag, dab it onto the surface to texturize. This should pull off the areas of neutrals over the top to showcase the different colors beneath.

    Start painting with the blacks and blues. Then progress to lighter colors like yellow, orange, and pink.

    A clear coat is helpful in this stage as it helps loosen the colors. This is where your artwork should come to life. You should see the pink and purple play off each other, giving a nice galaxy look. 

    Want to add a shooting star or comet? Place a white or silver paint can upside down on the canvas.

    Hold it steady with one hand, and give it a quick tap. This method can create a little burst of light, adding energy and movement to your artwork. Now you’ve captured a space scene!

    #4 Skies and sunsets

    This is all about fading color and takes much control and practice. It is more of an intermediate spray paint technique.

    Yet, it isn’t that difficult to do. Play around with the red, yellow, and orange shade while adding a little white to the horizon line. This would make the painting bright and pop.

    #5 Fog and clouds

    Fog is super easy to do. Streak your glossy white spray paint across your black spray-painted poster. You’ll find the perfect fog pattern if you play around with it. More than one coat would be best.

    When making clouds, it would be best to outline in some bubbles where you want to place them on the canvas or poster.

    You can consider the bubble shape as the stencil to create awesome clouds with spray paint.

    Cut out the bubbles so you can use the paper as a stencil for clouds. Place this stencil onto your canvas or poster and paint a misty white fog over it.

    #6 Water and waterfalls

    What is a spray paint art scene without some water? Using a putty knife, you can make a river or ocean illusion. It’s easy to get the water ripple effect.

    All you need to do is jiggle back and forth with your putty knife after spray painting an area. You can also detail it with white for a more intermediate level.

    To create a waterfall effect, you can use a piece of poster board and make slight cuts on the edges. The next step is spray painting a white color onto it and swishing it on your poster. This would give you the waterfall look that you desire.

    #7 Buildings

    You can use a putty knife can for making buildings. Scrape a putty knife across a freshly painted poster, which can give you the illusion of building formations.

    You can also use household objects if a putty knife is unavailable. All the supplies should be in your nearest arts and craft store.

    #8 Highlighting and Etching

    This technique is sure to make your paintings come to life. But, it is a more advanced technique.

    The idea is to use tools like a palette knife to carve out your light source from the painting. It’s okay if you don’t have tools. Work with things around you, for example, cotton swabs.

    See what works for you. So if you used white and black to cover, you could scratch off the black to get a glimpse of some white streaks.

    This is useful in making mountains and rivers. In this way, your painting will have plenty of rich detail.

    Make sure to let your palette knife drag. Give the painting wide and skinny lines. This is important when detailing. Details give foliage to our landscape.

    10 easy things to spray paint with graffiti

    Street spray painting art to create graffiti is pretty straightforward. People have been viewing graffiti street art with a newfound appreciation. Done right and on the right things, it can range from beautiful to downright hilarious. 

    You should only be using spray paint in cooler weather. Heat can affect its quality and consistency. Always paint in a well-ventilated area.

    From fantastic artwork to small clever changes, you can turn trash into treasure with graffiti art! These paints are durable and fast-drying. So what are 10 easy things for spray paint to create graffiti?

    #1 Streets

    Ever heard of street artists? If so, you may have an idea about street art. Street spray painting art is pretty straightforward. Non-artistic persons do it all the time to mark certain areas on the road.

    #2 Spray Painting Canvas or Posterboard 

    As mentioned before, posters and canvases are one of the most used things to do Graffiti art. Legally, you need no permission to draw onto it. It is also very convenient as every arts and crafts store has it.

    #3 Wall

    A lot of street artists tell stories on the walls of their neighborhoods. It gives life to the streets of boring towns and can tell you what the city entails. Graffiti art on walls is also an excellent background for pictures.

    #4 Buildings

     Few people allow graffiti art on their buildings, especially large corporations. In recent times, this tendency has been changing. Businesses like coffee shops have started to incorporate graffiti art into the workplace. It gives the place a sense of creativity.

    #5 Fences

    Forget dull white paint on picket fences. If you want to brighten up your neighborhood with color, Graffiti art on your wall will do that. Spray painting in different colors can give life to the boring fence that once stood.

    #6 Flower pots

    Are you tired of the plain flower pots and want something more creative and colorful? You can use graffiti art to get the most out of your flower pots. This technique gives them a vibrant look, full of color and life.

    You and your friends can do this easy spray painting art activity to bond and have fun. It’s made especially for plant-loving people.

    #7 Shoes

     If your shoe color is fading but is still in good condition, then Graffiti art may be able to give it life again. YouTube has scores of tutorials that you can look at to find the perfect style and color you want for your shoe.

    #8 Pinecones

    At Christmastime, you’re sure to have a bunch of brown pinecones. This could make an excellent table decoration with a bit of spray paint, and it is one of the easiest things for spray painting with graffiti art. It requires no advanced artist skills, only a bit of patience and holiday spirit.

    #9 Rugs

    This may sound a bit absurd, but with the right brand of spray paint, your rug can look amazing. When you use spray paint, it dries soft, so the texture will remain the same. All that would change is the fantastic look that your living room rug would have.

    #10 Glass

    Mercury glass, although pricy, does an excellent DIY project for Graffiti art. It has become ever so popular recently. Mercury glass comes in vases and so much more.

    Spray Paint Art Tutorial

    We’ll give you a hand in your search for the best practices for this artform. Here is an excellent spray paint tutorial you can look at for more ideas. Happy spray painting!

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