15 Creative Courses on Domestika in English

Are you looking for a way to learn your craft through affordable creative classes? Maybe you’ve already discovered Domestika but looking for a list of courses on Domestika in English audio? Either way, you’ve come to the right spot!

Domestika is a site where you can expand your arts and craft knowledge with thorough courses from experts on the skill.

The site also offers a community for every class so you can continue to learn and receive feedback even after you have finished the lesson.

Most of their content is in Spanish with English subtitles, so it may be difficult for some to learn. If you are an auditory learner who natively speaks English, there are lessons with English audio as well.

Domestika is a site that makes learning the crafts truly accessible. Listed below are some of the courses on Domestika in English audio.

Table of Contents

    #1 The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art

    The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art – Mattias Adolfsson

    I want to kick off this list with one of my absolute favorite courses on Domestika in English, “The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art.” 

    This course taught by illustrator Mattias Adolfsson provides an approachable method for beginners on how to turn sketchbook doodles into artistic creations.

    The course includes 15+ lessons and tons of additional content. You’ll even be able to share your art with a community of people who are taking the class alongside you. 

    #2 Creativity Face to Face: A Playful Collage

    Creativity Face to Face: A Playful Collage – Hanoch Piven

    Creativity Face to Face: A Playful Collage”  is taught by Hanoch Piven, an artist who has had his work used by Rolling Stone, Time, and Entertainment Weekly.

    Hanoch has a spectacular skill in creating three-dimensional collages from everyday objects.

    He’ll provide a demonstration from A to Z on the subject. Through this course, you will learn a lot about your sense of individuality and break away from the norms that you may follow in society most of the time.

    Your art is yours, after all. Through these lessons, you will find the strength in that.

    #3 Upcycling with Crochet for Beginners

    Upcycling with Crochet for Beginners – Steel & Stitch by Emma

    Taught by Emma Friedlander-Collins, “Upcycling with Crochet for Beginners” is a class that will teach you how to make unique clothing that you love out of the garments that you don’t use anymore.

    You will learn about crocheting basics, including the different yarns, crocheting hooks, and ways of stitching.

    You’ll also learn how to incorporate more than one color into your crochet piece.

    #4 Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop

    Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop – Bearbrickjia

    Are you ready to be guided to a magical, different place? Fantasy portraits are a fantastic way to practice the finer details in your art.

    Karmen Loh (Bearbrickjia) is on a mission to teach anyone who wants to learn how to create beautiful portraits on your graphic tablet in her course “Digital Fantasy Portraits with Photoshop.” 

    With this course, you will also learn important ways to stay motivated.

    Learning a new craft can be challenging, especially if you are a perfectionist, so these tips may be just what you need to progress in your art!

    Don’t have Adobe Photoshop? Sign up here to get started! 

    #5 Portrait Illustration with Analog and Digital Techniques

    Analog & Digital Portrait Illustration – Amy Pearson

    This course, “Analog & Digital Portrait Illustration,” by artist and illustrator 

    Amy Pearson is great for learning how to make absolutely captivating portraits.

    Amy uses a blend of pencil drawing, watercolor painting, and Adobe Photoshop to create these beautiful works of art and will show you how to do the same!

    As another one of my favorite courses on Domestika in English, this class has 15+ lessons with an additional 10+ downloadable resources to help you along the way. 

    #6 Introduction to Voxel Art for Character Design

    Introduction to Voxel Art for Character Design – Con Zach Soares

    An art popularized by the video game Minecraft, voxel art is a craft in which you create your piece with three-dimensional cubes on a special program.

    In this course, “Introduction to Voxel Art for Character Design,” Zach Soares will lead you through the basics of creating voxel art.

    You’ll also learn different methods that you can use to get references for your animations. This course is a challenge for any artist out there wanting to try something new!

    #7 Upcycling with Embroidery

    Upcycling with Embroidery – Kseniia Guseva

    If you’re looking for another way to incorporate upcycling into your life, consider yourself lucky!

    Another great course on Domestika in English, “Upcycling with Embroidery”  teaches you about embroidery and how to combine it with upcycling!

    In your journey, Kseniia Guseva teaches you what upcycling is, the materials you will need for this craft, and the fabrics that work best. Kseniia will also teach you how to transfer your embroidery onto the material of your choice.

    This course requires some level of knowledge with embroidery, but it can be fun to watch for beginners who want to start the craft!

    #8 Architectural Illustration: Capturing a City’s Personality

    Architectural Illustration: Capturing a City’s Personality – Carlo Stanga 

    Architectural illustration is a beautiful craft, especially when you find the perfect way to capture the life of a city.

    In this course guided by Carlos Stanga, “Architectural Illustration: Capturing a City’s Personality,” you’ll learn not only how to display the personality of a city through art, but you’ll also develop your own style of architectural illustration.

    Throughout this course, Carlos leads you through what is known as an “open-air sketch” and explains the process for you to learn!

    This lesson recommends using instinct rather than precision; allow yourself to find your individuality!

    #9 Interior Design for Beginners

    Interior Design for Beginners – STUDIOLAV

    STUDIOLAV members Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asf have provided this course, “Interior Design for Beginners,” for aspiring interior designers.

    Another one of my favorite courses on Domestika in English, this course focuses on the details of the craft, including the behind-the-scenes view into how a career as an interior designer.

    It is known that to excel in a craft, you must know the craft well. Through this course, you will learn the essentials to understanding interior design fully.

    You’ll also be given crucial first presentation tips to prepare you for your journey into interior design!

    #10 Introduction to Brush Lettering

    Introduction to Brush Lettering – James Lewis 

    A course lead by James Lewis, “Introduction to Brush Lettering,” will guide you into a craft that prioritizes beautiful handwriting with easy-to-follow instructions.

    Throughout this course, you’ll be learning the differences between calligraphy, hand lettering, and type design.

    You also will be learning the tools that you will need for the craft of brush lettering.

    As you explore the possibilities of your newfound skill, you will learn important aspects such as how to frame and varnish your work.

    #11 Paper Flower Craft Techniques

    Paper Flower Craft Techniques – Eileen Handmade

    The craft of paper flowers is one that can be breathtaking. Eileen Ng will be guiding you through this course, “Paper Flower Craft Techniques,” explaining the elements that will be presented.

    Through this course, you’ll learn the different techniques to make your paper flower craft the best that it can be.

    Eileen will teach you how to create realistic-looking petals, twigs, stems, and more.

    With this course’s help, you will also learn which vase will look best and how to position your art pieces to present the most realistic perspective.

    #12 Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective

    Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective – Lapin

    This is one of my favorite courses on Domestika in English! Urban sketching is the craft of taking everything that you see and turning it into art.

    Lapin explains this in his course, “Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective,” as he leads you through viewing your world in a different way.

    Lapin will guide you through how to capture a story within your drawing, adding the elements needed to bring your urban sketch to life.

    While you may only think of the fish-eye perspective in photography, this course will teach you how to draw in this perspective and others.

    No idea what urban sketching is? Check out our beginner’s guide to urban sketching to find out all about it!

    #13 Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink

    Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink – Alex Hillkurtz

    Alex Hillkurtz is sharing his expertise in architectural sketching using watercolor and ink in this course, “Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink.” 

    He leads you through lessons that explain the materials you’ll need for this craft and the perspective possibilities.

    You’ll love the adventure as you review watercolor fundamentals that can truly make a beautiful image.

    Alex will teach you the techniques of using light and darkness to your advantage in your pieces.

    With all of these lessons, you’re already on your way to being a great artist.

    When you consider you will learn how to preserve your art as well, it can be said that this is a well-rounded course.

    #14 Chiaroscuro Creative Portraits with Pencils

    Chiaroscuro Creative Portraits with Pencils – Marco Mazzoni

    Creating portraits is an amazing craft to start with; when you add in the element of chiaroscuro, you can make a masterpiece! 

    Marco Mazzoni, instructor of “Chiaroscuro Creative Portraits with Pencils,” has breathed life into his art using classical methods such as chiaroscuro.

    Be prepared to learn how to command a viewer’s attention with your elements. You’ll also learn how to set a mood with your details and the colors that you use.

    Be sure to have a pack of colored pencils handy, as this course will call for them.

    Learning a new artistic method while also learning how to use colors, light, and shadows is a sure way to become a great artist!

    If you are new to colored pencils or just interested in getting started, check out our beginner’s guide to colored pencils before taking this course.

    #15 Creative Writing for Beginners

    Creative Writing for Beginners – Shaun Levin

    Have you been looking for ways to breathe life into your writing but can’t seem to find the solution?

    Shaun Levin, instructor of “Creative Writing for Beginners,” is here to lead you into the beautiful world of creative writing. This course will teach you how to think of your story artistically.

    Levin will teach you about writing as well as the materials you can use to personalize your writing experience.

    There are no rules to how you write, and he explores this by his recommendation of experimenting with different pens and notebooks.

    You’ll be lead through how to look at the little details in life as you go through this course. By the end, you’ll be able to create your own unique world.


    If you have been searching for a new way to learn a craft or learn more about a craft you may already have a foot in, Domestika is an excellent choice.

    While most of the content may be in Spanish, there are auditory options for English learners to ensure that anyone can have these learning experiences.

    Whether you want to draw portraits, architectural pieces, or something else entirely, there is an option for you.

    If you love any of these courses on this list on Domestika in English audio, you may want to check out their site for more options to explore. 

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