12 Amazing Paper Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

Sometimes the best inspiration is to check out the work of fellow artists. Each of these artists differs in experience, technique, style, and inspiration. 

Whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, it is always refreshing to see the work of someone else.

FUN FACT: The first paper was actually made from recycled materials! A member of the royal Chinese court discovered how to make paper from old rags and fishing nets in 105 A.D.

China kept it a secret for hundreds of years before it started to spread worldwide.

If you want to explore paper crafts as a hobby, we can help! Paper artistry has a huge potential for creativity and design. It’s incredibly fun.

At The Curiously Creative, we explore a new hobby every month by providing a complete beginner’s guide with a 4-week learning schedule full of daily or weekly exercises to help you explore new arts & craft hobbies. 

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1. Lorraine Nam

Lorraine Nam is a paper illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. Lorraine creates fun, miniature pieces of artwork all from paper.

Her portfolio is full of bold and bright colors that will brighten up your day in a heartbeat.


Samantha Sherring  is a United Kingdom-based graphic design and paper artist from SAS Creative. Samantha has a love for typography and it truly shows in her work.

She first discovered papercutting when she wanted to celebrate her first wedding anniversary, and I am glad she did! Her designs are absolutely incredible!

3. Katrinodegast

It was extremely difficult to pick a photo to feature from Katrin Rodegast’s Instagram account.

All of this German-based artist’s paper art is unique in its own way. Her paper art is so amazing that at times I thought I was looking at a digitally created image!


Anna Trundle, from ALTA Paper Craft, is a paper artist, illustrator, and designer from Melbourne, Australia.

Anna uses bright, colorful paper to create eye-catching, geometric artwork of a variety of animals.

In addition to her artwork, Anna also holds workshops and sells DIY kits + templates so that you can learn how to create similar pieces!


Clover Robin’s artwork is a beautiful combination of paper and nature. This London-based surface pattern designer and illustrator uses colorful and patterned paper to create serene but fun pieces of artwork.

6. KristineBraanen

Just one look at Kristine Braanen’s designs and you’ll be amazed. This 26-year-old Norwegian paper artist loves experimenting with different shapes, patterns, and compositions.

She also meticulously cuts all of her designs by freehand without rulers or computer sketches.

7. ByCharliesHand

Charlotte Trim is an artist, paper cutter and coloring book designer from Wales, UK.

Charlotte’s paper art combines both paper cutting and paper artistry to combine unique, breathtaking designs like the jellyfish seen above. All of her work is pencil drawn and handcut.


One look at Hanna Nyman’s artwork and you can definitely understand why her Instagram account is named Back to Poetry!

Hanna, a Stockholm-based paper and print designer, creates beautiful paper artwork that radiates beauty and emotion. Her floral designs truly captures the light and refreshing spirit of springtime.

9. Rosaiyoo

Rosa Yoo is a Korean paper artist who utilizes papercutting techniques to create gorgeous three-dimensional designs.

Not only does Rosa create amazing pop-up cards like the one pictured above, she also creates three-dimensional objects from papercutting as well.


Kristen Sgalambro is a designer, paper cutter, illustrator and mural artist from Brooklyn, New York.

Currently, you’ll find her working on The 100 Day project by creating 100 days worth of paper sweets. You’ll definitely be in for a treat if you check out her work.


Julianna Szabo is a paper artist who works in set design and stop motion animation.

Her talent and creativity knows no bounds since she explores paper art to create wonderful sets, cards, and three-dimensional objects of a variety of sizes.

12. Brittanirosepaper

I’m a dog person so I absolutely love all types of arts & crafts that involve man’s best friend.

Brittani Rose, a San Diego-based illustrator and paper artist, creates the cutest paper version of our furry four-legged friends.

Not only that, Brittani also creates many other whimsical but incredibly detailed pieces of artwork that you are sure to love.

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