22 Polymer Clay Ideas to Try

Polymer clay might look like a children’s play putty but it’s not. It’s a whole art form.

Here are some inspiration from some amazing polymer clay artists to give you ideas on what you can make with polymer clay.

Want to learn more about the basics of polymer clay? Check out our beginner’s Guide to Polymer Clay.

Make your own Necklaces

One very popular idea for polymer clay is to make jewelry. You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches…anything really!

Instead of working with pre-made charms or beads, polymer clay allows you have complete freedom with your jewelry.

In the picture below, you can see how Antonia Crafts is able to create pieces of jewelry with beads she created herself controlling both the shape and the color.

Combine real beads with polymer clay charms

You don’t have to make your jewelry entirely out of polymer clay either. You can combine beads AND polymer clay in your designs like this ones shown below!

These two artists mix beads, ribbon and metal charms to create adorable bracelets.

Be playful and unique

Jewelry doesn’t always have to mean beautiful pieces that would impress your mother-in-law.

They can be playful. They can be unique. Making items like this polymer clay pretzel necklace shown below will bring quirky flavor to your crafts.

Add some flair to your cell phone with some homemade charms

Don’t want to wear quirky necklaces? Maybe your phone does! Make cell phone charms out of polymer clay by adding a looped string onto your charms.

Make miniature versions of things

This polymer clay artists literally just make tons and tons of miniature versions of foods.

I don’t know about you, but miniaturized food is the absolute cutest thing ever. Seriously. Look at it.

Turn your polymer clay work into refrigerator magnets

Once you bake your creations, just simply glue magnets to the back of them!

Create framable artwork

Find a subject that interests you and sculpt it. If you don’t want any figurines around the house, secure your polymer clay art onto a panel that can be framed.

Hang it for some neat three-dimensional art like the lips shown below.

Recreate your wedding cake (or a friend’s!) 

Recreating a miniature version of your wedding cake with polymer clay will help capture the essence better than freezing the top layer of the cake and eating it a year later.

Trust me. If you don’t have one, consider recreating a friend’s wedding cake. They’ll love the gift!

Make your own tiara

Ever needed a tiara made of snakes? Well even if you didn’t, you can have one!

I think this pretty much shows that whatever you want, you can definitely make it out of polymer clay.

Make adorable figurines 

I am obsessed with corgis which means I definitely have to feature TwoCloud’s adorable corgi figurines.

You can find corgis dressed up in all sorts of costumes. If you aren’t a corgi fan, try making figurines of your choice and dress them up in a variety of outfits.

Customize your boring clothing pins

Clothing pins usually come with a round colorful head but after a while, those can get boring.

Make new ones out of polymer clay. You aren’t only limited to round balls for clothing pins now!

Or try customizing your spoons

You won’t realize how boring your spoons actually are until you start embellishing them.

Who knew that these silver utensils could provide a creative outlet for your new polymer clay hobby?

Create your own watch bands

Don’t settle for boring leather watch bands. Spruce things up by creating your own out of polymer clay like these fruit-themed watches.

Make super realistic things 

I’m not the best and ultrarealism but there are a lot of artists who are…and seriously, hats off to you.

This polymer clay artists creates replicas of newborn babies. If the photo wasn’t taken with the baby in someone’s hand, I would have thought it was real!

Personalize your phone case

You can pretty much find phone cases that you love anywhere. There’s really no shortage of them.

However,  you can make exactly the type of phone case you want with polymer clay!

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