How to Draw Sneakers?

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If you want to learn how to draw sneakers, you should first recognize each of its elements. 

Sneakers are composed of an upper, sole and laces. Understanding these basic elements will allow you to decide what to embellish or omit.

Before we get to the resources, we’ve reviewed the anatomy of a sneaker for you to consider while drawing. See how creative you can get!

FUN FACT: In the last 1800s, sneakers got its name due to the fact that the rubber soles on the bottom of these shoes made it easier for people to “sneak” around without making a sound!

Anatomy of a Sneaker: elements to consider when drawing


The upper part of the sneaker is the most visible portion of the shoe. It typically starts in midsole and can be composed of a variety of materials and pieces. This is an area of the shoe in which you can really get creative.

Toebox – The toebox is a piece that covers and protects the toes on the front portion of the shoe. Do your sneakers have a visible toebox as a part of the design?

Heel Counter – The heel counter is a piece that covers the back heel portion of the shoe above the sole.

It is typically designed to reinforce the back cup of the heel and provide support.

The heel counter used to be an internal part of the shoe but can now be placed outside to provide another element to the overall design of the shoe.

Tongue – The tongue of the shoe typically starts at the toebox and extends up the collar behind the shoelaces.

The tongue can sometimes be seen peeking at the top of the shoe.


Shoelaces are a long string or cord used to tie and secure the shoe. Does your sneaker have laces? Sneakers without laces are typically known as slip-on sneakers.

Material  – Traditional shoelaces were made of leather, cotton, jute or hemp. However, shoelaces can be made of a different material. Depending on the material, lace detail can also include the method in which it was woven to create the long string.

Eyelet – The eyelet is a hole that is located in the upper of the shoe. It’s used to thread the shoelaces through to secure the sneaker to your foot. Is the eyelet visible in your shoe? If your shoe is not as detailed, you might not include the eyelet in your drawing.

Aglet – The aglet is the plastic or metal tube at the end of a shoelace. It’s purpose is secure the material of the shoelace to prevent fraying while also allowing for ease of threading through the eyelet. Does your shoelaces have aglets? Are they visible in your drawing?

Tying – Are the shoelaces tied or untied in your drawing? If they are tied, how are they tied? There are multiple ways to tie and fasten the laces on a shoe.

Lacing – There are hundreds of ways to tie a shoe. Are your shoes tied in the more traditional loopback method? Or are they laced like a checkerboard? Lacing will be important if drawing a top view of the shoe, however, you may still be able to see the lace detail if drawn from a side view.


The sole represents the bottom of the shoe. In sneakers, the soles are generally made out of natural rubber.

Insole – Insoles cannot be seen on the outside of the shoe unless you are looking at it from the top down. If you are drawing the shoe from the top down, you will need to illustrate the insole of the shoe.

Midsole – The midsole is between the in and outsole for shock absorption. In some sneakers, it may be visible on the outside of the fabric of the upper sneaker is not covering it. Does your shoe have a visible midsole?

Outsole – The outsole is the portion of the shoe that makes contact with the ground. If you are drawing the shoe from the bottom view, you may consider creating a design.


Shoes can be made of a variety of material and covered with many different fabrics. If illustrating the material or fabric of the shoe is important in your drawing, you will have to consider texture.

If your shoe is made of a shiny or glossy material, you should determine the light source and apply value appropriately to portray this texture.


You can be really creative with the color of your sneakers as there are many different parts to a shoe, even more so than listed here.

You can explore different color schemes but you can also apply different patterns to various parts of the shoe as well.


Although sneakers are typically used as athletic wear and is designed to maximize support and comfort while participating in physical activities, sneakers can also be a fashion statement. 

Be creative in adding embellishments on your sneaker. It doesn’t have to be practical if you don’t want it to be.




Beginner (Easy)

  1. How to Draw Sneakers (Dummies) – A detailed instruction for drawing sneakers

Intermediate (Moderate)

2. How to Draw High-Top Sneakers (iDrawFashion) – Simple step-by-step guide
3. How to Draw Running Shoes (Armel) – Short guide for drawing running shoes
4. How to Draw Nike Air Force Ones (DragoArt) – A guide for a popular Nike shoe
5. How to Draw Converse Chuck Taylor (DragoArt) – A guide for the popular Converse shoe
6. How to Draw Nike Shoes (eHow) – Easy guide on drawing Nikes

Advanced (Hard)

7. Sketchbook for Designing Shoes (Palette Studio) – A sketchbook for designing shoes


8. How to Draw Converse Shoes (Fashion Teaching) – A time-lapse drawing for Converse shoes
9. How to Draw Track Shoes (eHow) – A demonstration for drawing running shoes
10. How to Draw Running Shoes (ExpertVillage) – A pencil demonstration for shoes

COLORED PENCILS & art MARKERS & oil painting


I haven’t found any great guides that would fit here! If you know of one, let me know.


11. Green Converse Sneakers (Jasmina Susak) – A colored pencil time lapse without instruction
12. Jordan VII Time Lapse (Trent Daniels) – A colored pencil speed drawing without instruction
13. How to Sketch a Running Shoe (Spencer Nugent) – A demo using art markers
14. How to Draw Vans Speed Drawing (Stephen Ward) – A speed drawing using Copic art markers
15. How to Draw Air Jordans (Kicks Art) – Includes downloadable stencil
16. How to Paint Converse Sneakers (PaintBasket) – Great instruction for oil painting

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