12 Amazing Watercolor Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

Sometimes the best inspiration is to check out the work of fellow artists. Each of these artists differs in experience, technique, subject matter, products, and inspiration. 

Whether you are a seasoned watercolor painter or an aspiring one, it is always refreshing to see someone else’s work.

FUN FACT: Watercolor painting dates way back to cave paintings of Paleolithic Europe and has been used in manuscript illustration in Ancient Egyptian times! 

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#1 Qinniart

I’m sure you’ve seen this amazing piece of work making its way around the internet. Qinni is a Canadian artist living in China and dabbles in doodling, digital art, gouache and watercolor.

Her art typically focuses on female subjects with celestial influences.

#2 Anyaberezina

Anya is a Russian artist, illustrator and teacher who manages to make her food illustrations look incredibly delectable.

My mouth is watering just looking at these photos! Besides these delicious desserts, Anya paints many other subjects as well.

3. Red_head_chili

Red_head_chili belongs to a children’s book illustrator who recently started to feature her whimsical watercolor illustration on her Instagram account.

Her use of soft colors and joyful subjects contribute to the feel of child-like innocence in her artwork.

4. Jongkie

Luqman Reza, or Jonkie, is an Indonesian artist and illustrator who is known for his unique style of expressive illustration. 

Jonkie adds imaginative elements to his watercolor artwork which he has named the ‘magic effect.’ His subjects typically focuses on wildlife animals.

5. JJ_illus

JJ is a young artist and illustrator from Dresden, Germany.

She paints many water landscapes and portraits but my personal favorites are the nature landscapes superimposed onto beautiful,  strong silhouettes.

6. Poli.bright.art

Polina is an artist, illustrator and designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Polina takes a more creative approach to watercolor by first drawing her artwork with water and adding watercolor pigments afterward to allow the color to flow through the design.

In addition to these videos, Polina features traditional watercolor artwork as well.

7. Sanjsketches

Sanjsketches is an urban sketcher whose watercolor additions allow the artwork to really shine.

Sanjsketche’s artwork really captures the essence of the city (he/she is a student at the University of Cambridge in England) while allowing you to get a glimpse into this artist’s daily life.

8. Namwanpastel

Maybe I just have a sweet tooth when it comes to watercolor artwork but this Instagram account is absolutely delectable.

This Thailand-based watercolor artist paints the sweetest subjects ranging from fruit tarts to macaroons to cupcakes.

The best part of this account is that she includes the color palette she used in the creation of her artwork in the photo.

9. ChristopherMaxwellArt

Christopher Maxwell is an Austrialian-based artist and illustrator whose artwork will transport you into an entirely different reality.

As a children’s book author, Christopher’s watercolor artwork radiates themes of fantasy, dreams and imagination.


Elena Moroz is a South African-based watercolor artist whose floral artwork are a delightful treat.

Although Elena explores other subjects from time to time, she mainly focuses on flowers.

I absolutely love her photo layouts of her artwork as she tends to include the actual version of the flowers she is painting.


This Instagram account is full of watercolor splatter-type of paintings.

If you love cats and watercolor, you’ll definitely love this artist’s portrayal of these animals.

Liviing’s account also explores other animals but mainly revolves around this colorful, bright-eyed feline.

12. Matchboxart

Matchbox is a miniature watercolor artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Like the Instagram name, the account features unbelievable, miniature watercolor artwork.

Always including an item for scale, the details seen in the artwork shows off the incredible talent of this artist.

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