12 Amazing Paper Quilling Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

Sometimes the best inspiration is to check out the work of fellow artists. Each of these artists differs in experience, technique, subject matter, style, and inspiration. 

Whether you are a seasoned paper quilling artist or an aspiring one, it can always be refreshing to see the work of someone else.

FUN FACT: In the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks decorated books and other religious artifacts with paper quilling.

If you want to explore paper quilling, we can help! Paper quilling is the art of creating decorative designs by rolling, shaping, and gluing together strips of papers. It’s incredibly fun.

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I absolutely love the variety of colors that she utilizes in her artwork that Sabeena Karnik incorporates into her paper quilling art.

Sabeena is a paper artist based in Mumbai, India. Many of her creations combine her love of typography and color.

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Isil Pinarbasi of PartialArt creates the most adorable quilled paper art.

Ranging from Starbucks drinks to fruit to colorful butterflies, this Instagram account is full of delightful artwork.

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It was hard to select a piece of paper quilling artwork that I liked best from this account.

They are ALL seriously amazing. Sena is a popular paperquilling artist based out of Istanbul, Turkey.

Her Instagram is full of inspiration featuring artwork of varying subjects. Sena’s creative photographs of her artwork are one of the best parts of this account.


Kai Garber of Le Quillery is a paper artist based out of Germany.

Many of her artwork utilizes typography but she also features other subjects like this amazing world map.

No longer active on Instagram 🙁

5. TheBeehiveDesign

Bex is an English paper quilling artist based out of Holland who creates colorful pieces like the one seen above.

Her explosion of color on this birthday card is one of my favorite pieces. Who wouldn’t want to get a birthday card like that?!

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6. TheTealCup

Thetealcup features paperquilling artwork with South Asian influences. Rich with jewel tones.

Thetealcup features many pieces of art similar to the one pictured above. This artist takes a more mature approach to the art of paper quilling.

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How cute is this monkey?! A Paper Life features work from a self-taught paper quiller based out of Canada.

Most of the paper quilling artwork are found featured on handmade cards that can be purchased on A Paper Life’s Etsy account.

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Sarah E Gillis is a paper quilling artist based out of Canada. Not only does she create incredible two-dimensional paper quilling pieces mounted on canvas.

Sarah takes a unique approach to paper quilling with these creative three-dimensional cupcakes.

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I can’t get enough of Julide Belen’s designs. Her paper quilling artwork offers such a variety of color schemes and subjects that I just can wait to see what she finishes next.

Julide also features a few monochromatic typography pieces that I just absolutely love as well!

See her work on instagram

11. Quilledbyolia

If you love sweet colors, you’ll love Olga Yarsolavtseva’s work. Another Russian-based paper quilling artist, Olga’s account is full of pastel-colored creations that typically feature people and floral designs.

12. Momo_quilling

Momo Quilling features the work of a Brazilian paper-quilling artist.

The account is filled with beautifully framed pieces of artwork that will leave you wanting one to hang up in your own home!

Perfect for putting that last finishing touch on a baby’s nursery!

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