12 Amazing Copic Marker Artist You Should Follow on Instagram

Sometimes the best inspiration is to check out the work of fellow artists. Each of these artist differ in experience, technique, style and inspiration. Whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, it is always refreshing to see the work of someone else.

FUN FACT: Copic markers were developed for the Japanese manga industry. They’re available in 358 colors but Copic also sells empty markers so you can make your own custom colors by mixing their various inks.

If you want to explore art markers as a hobby, we can help! Art markers have a huge potential for creativity.

If you’re completely new to art markers, start at my beginner’s guide to art markers.

If you want to know more about Copic markers specifically, check out my complete beginner’s guide to Copic markers.

1. Vexx_art


Vince Okerman is an 18 year old artist who combines frequently utilizes both colored pencil and Copic art markers in his artwork.

Not only does he effectively mix these two art mediums well, he also beautifully combines realism and doodle art within the same piece.

Usually, you’ll see artists sticking with one style of art but Okerman’s incredible talent allows him to combine the best of both worlds.

2. Kirakiradoodles


I first discovered Kira’s adorable artwork while trying to purchase a Corgi-patterned phone case on Society 6.

After looking into her art, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Kira doodles way more than just little Corgis.

Every single thing she draws is incredibly cute even if it’s just a blob of color! If “kawaii” were to have a picture next to it in the dictionary, I’d probably just link Kira’s entire Instagram account.

3. Sibylline_M


Sibylline is a French comic artist and illustrator who has a sweet and feminine style of art.

She typically draws female characters of all different types. You’ll also see her use watercolor in conjunction with Copic markers in a lot of work as well.

4. Anna.Rastorgueva


Anna is one of my all-time favorite Copic marker artists. She utilizes her Copic artwork as a form of art journaling or chronicling of different animals, foods, or points of interests. 

If I could, I would probably buy a copy of her sketcbhook. The quality of her artwork is amazing and she pairs many of her pages with informative notations.

5. Brooklit


Brooke Hagel is a NYC-based fashion illustrator whose clients have included Vogue, Fendi and Brides.

In addition to her Instagram and blog (Fabulous Doodles), you can also catch her sweet and feminine  style in the 17 books she has illustrated.

6. Eugeniaclara


I absolutely love Eugenia’s Instagram account because it will always provide you with a hand-lettered inspirational quote illustrated with fun, colorful doodles.

I also love it because the photos and the bold colors she utilizes is always consistent with her style.

7. Tino_Copic


Valentin Tino Boogaerts is an illustrator and graphic designer who specializes in character and game design as well as artwork using Copic Sketch Markers.

His Instagram is filled with extremely bold colors and futuristic, yet fun illustrations. Check them out to see what I mean!

8. Alevakii


If you love Zentangle-style illustrations, you should definitely check out this account.

Alevakii combines her mesmerizing patterns with illustrations that are finished with a touch of color using Copic markers.

9. Stephenward_art


Stephen Ward’s art is so incredibly amazing that it took me forever to decide which one of his pieces I wanted to feature in this article.

This Australian-based artist mainly creates art based on popular comic book characters but his talent shines no matter what he’s drawing.

10. Artvalerim


Elena Motirno is an architectural illustrator who captures the most beautiful locations and items of her world through Copic markers.

Her beautiful illustrations will definitely inspire you to go out and document the beauty around your own hometown.

11. Chihirohowe


Chihiro Howe is one of the artists from iii Academy, an original manga from Copic that teaches you how to use Copic products through a story filled with bright colors and cute, funny characters.

If you like the cute characters from iii Academy, you can see Chihiro’s personal artwork on her Instagram account.

12. Lisa.Krasnova


Lisa Krasnova is yet another one of my all-time favorite Copic marker artists. 

Her bright and colorful illustrations feature a variety of subjects including flowers, food and everyday objects that are always paired with lovely script to complete her artwork.

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