The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Drawing

Drawing is a great skill and hobby to learn because it builds a stronger foundation for all other art forms. Whether you’d want to try watercolors or oil painting later, getting the basics of drawing down will seriously go a long way.

We’ll get our toes wet and explore the fundamentals of drawing. You’ll be introduced to many concept but never super in-depth. Just enough to get you off the ground running. There is a ridiculous amount of information out there for just the simplest of drawing techniques. I once saw a 100-page book JUST on drawing geometric shapes. I know, right? Crazy.

Don’t worry though. I’m going to save you the time digging trying to find the best resources because I got them right here for you.

Drawing is a huge skill. For this hobby, it’s divided into 2 months. This month will cover the fundamentals while the second month will focus on exploring different types of drawing and introducing the use of colored pencils and art markers.

What does this month include?


Week 1: The Basics of Drawing – Part One

Day 1 – Pencil Techniques
Day 2 – Two-Dimensional Shapes
Day 3 – Guidelines and Proportions
Day 4 – Three-Dimensional Shapes
Day 5 – Silhouettes
Day 6 – Contouring (Blind Contouring, Modified Blind Contouring and Cross Contouring)
Day 7 – Practice!


Week 2: The Basics of Drawing – Part Two

Day 1 – Drawing Techniques
Day 2 – Values
Day 3 – Shadows
Day 4 – Contrast
Day 5 – Texture
Day 6 – Reflections
Day 7 – Transparencies


Week 3: Perspective Drawing

Day 1 – One-Point Perspective
Day 2 – Two-Point Perspective
Day 3 – Three-Point Perspective (Bird’s Eye and Worm’s Eye View)
Day 4 – Four- & Five-Point Perspective (Fish Eye Perspective)
Day 5 – Elliptical Perspective
Day 6 – Foreshortening
Day 7 – Practice!


Week 4: Figure Drawing

Day 1 – Construction/Pose
Day 2 – Proportions
Day 3 – Muscle Structure
Day 4 – Hands & Feet
Day 5 – Face
Day 6 – Hair
Day 7 – Clothes

Excited? Can’t wait to explore this? Great! But first, let’s get you some supplies!


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