The Ultimate List of 1001 Things to Draw (Free E-book!)

list of things to draw

Ever feel like you’re in creative block and you have absolutely no idea what to draw?

Well, you’re in luck! I made this handy dandy guide that provides you with a whooping 1001 things. Yup, 1001. That’s almost 3 years worth of daily drawing ideas!

Whether you want to throw down a quick doodle in your sketchbook or dedicate several hours to a realistic portrayal, the choice is completely yours! Colored pencils, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal…the possibilities are endless.



Don’t know how to draw at all?

No worries. I got ya. Check out my beginner’s guide to drawing right here. I created a 4-week schedule on learning how to draw with links to the best resources around the web!

Get your FREE e-book by joining our mailing list and receive updates from The Curiously Creative.  In January 2017, we’ll be publishing guides (like the drawing one) for a new hobby each month! You can follow along our 4-week learning schedule to explore a brand new hobby. We mainly explore art & crafts-related hobbies from oil painting to knitting to candle-making and we’re always open to new suggestions! See what topics we’ll be exploring here.

I truly hope that this list of drawing ideas can help get your creative juices flowing and your pens, markers, or brushes going!

Happy creating!


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