Alright, I’m in. Now what?

Every month, we release a NEW immersion guide focusing on a different arts & crafts hobby. Check out the list of topics here!

Each guide includes the following items:

  • Overview of the Hobby 
  • Guide for Materials/Supplies You’ll Need 
  • A 4-Week Learning Schedule 
    • List of Resources (online guides, videos, or print material)
    • Daily or Weekly Exercises
  • Links to Related Blog Posts
    • Featured Artists
    • Mini-History Lessons
    • Extra Exercises
    • Bonus Content

See an example of what our guides will look like! Check out The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Drawing. If you like what you see, join our mailing list below to get  an update when we start releasing new guides and to get a FREE copy of 1001 Things to Draw!

If you’re a curiously creative soul or looking for a new hobby:

Follow along with our hobby of the month! You’ll never really know if you like something until you try it. A month-long complete immersion into this hobby will help you discover if you love it or if you hate it.

Love it? Awesome! You can decide whether you want to keep pursuing that hobby or just move along with us and explore a new one!

Hated it? No worries! You learned something new and now you can explore something else!

IF YOU’re a beginner:

If the hobby that you are interested in has already been explored by us, you can use our guides as a beginner’s resource center. The Curiously Creative allows you to spend less time searching for information and more time learning from the valuable resources we’ve found.

Feel free to follow along with the 30-day learning schedule we have provided!

Don’t see your topic here yet? Check out the upcoming schedule. If it’s not there, send us your suggestions!



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