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Are you looking for a NEW arts & crafts hobby?
You haven’t really figured out what exactly you want to get into but you KNOW it’s gotta be something creative. I mean, you’ve always been a creative person. Right?

Maybe you have already decided on the one YOU want to start.
You’ve always wanted to try it, but you don’t know exactly where to start. There are SO many resources out there!

OR you have a serious love for all things arts & crafty and you want to explore them all.
(Like me.)

That’s what The Curiously Creative is for.

The Curiously Creative
explores a new arts & crafts hobby each month starting in 2017! We’ll be providing self-guided immersions that teach you the basics with daily or weekly exercises that you can do at home. By following along with our monthly immersions, you can find a new hobby that fits you or just have fun exploring different ones! Dedicating 30 days to completely immersing yourself into a particular hobby will allow you to find out if you love it or hate it. Even if you hate it, you’ll end up learning enough to strike up a conversation with others who are into that hobby.

The Curiously Creative can also be a beginner’s guide and resource center for those just starting out. The amount of resources (both online and physical books) was INSANELY OVERWHELMING. We provide a nice, curated list of the best resources I’ve come across .

You can now spend less time researching and more time doing.

So whether you’re a beginner, looking for a new hobby,  or just want to join the fun of exploring a new hobby each month… The Curiously Creative is for YOU!

Want to see what one of the monthly guides will look like? Check out an example of what you’ll be seeing every month: The Beginner’s Complete Guide to Drawing.

If you’re interested, join our mailing list below to get updates and your FREE copy of 1001 Things to Draw! If you like what you see, share our site with your curiously creative friends.

The more people this site helps, the better!

Happy creating!




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